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Commercial Financing Programs


Due to the current lending environment, many commercial banks and lenders have dramatically reduced the amount of capital allocated toward commercial real estate financing. As a matter of fact, many of them have completely stopped lending and terminated their commercial loan divisions. This has made it more challenging for those seeking financing to their commercial real estate and business projects.


TMG Capital West Financial continues to offer our commercial lending programs to individuals and businesses. Because of our well-managed fund portfolio and prudent capital reserve oversight, we were less affected by the deteriorating CMBS and market-driven forces that led to the disruption in commercial credit. We aggressively continue to provide commercial lending to a wide array of commercial real estate and business projects nationwide that meet our underwriting criteria and guidelines.


Commercial Lending



Our aggressive commercial lending programs extend financing for the following:
  • · Purchase
  • · Refinance
  • · Rehabilitation
  • · Working Capital
  • · Mezzanine
  • · Debt/Equity Swaps
  • · Property Retention
  • · Trust Deed Purchase/Assumption


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